5stars International Hotel

        For offering better services to trade missions,  those who involved in industries and economies  and also businessmen, an international hotel- 5 stars- is to be built in the exhibition. 


The main objects:

The basic objects of Mashad International Exhibition Center in building a hotel, accompanied by investors are:

  • benefiting some facilities to accelerate the completion of exhibition plan
  • Khorassan expansion economically, trade enhancement locally and internationally
  • offering an appropriate situation for : participants and investors accommodation – Business Room – training and specialized seminars- exhibitions and temporary /permanent workshops – agents offices- tourist accommodation – ceremonies and events

Plan ownership and management

Mashad International Exhibition Center is willing to cooperate with participants and investors in the following ways:

– BOT:  the investor is to build a hotel. The benefits will be reaped during a specific time by the investors. After that time, it will be transferred to the exhibition center.


-Founding private company (limited):


A company will be founded by accompanying two sides, in which both will benefit according to their capital assets.



  • international Trade hotel- 5 stars
  • 10 hectare total space
  • 1000 square meter used space
  • 18000 square meter substructure
  • 200 rooms. Suits, and apartments
  • 7 meeting rooms and business rooms