?How to organize an exhibition

How to organize an exhibition


“The economic impact of exhibitions


Mashad International Exhibition Holds Seminar on “How to organize an exhibition” to promote scientific level of exhibition industry professionals.

Course Instructor:‏ Dr. Juan Puchalt (Spain)



Short biography


  • Secretary General of the Spanish Trade Fairs Association – AFE
  • Teacher of Marketing at ESIC Business & Marketing School (Valencia, Spain)
  • Experience of 33 years in the Exhibition sector:
    • Feria Valencia (26 years) – Some directive positions.
    • Fira de Barcelona (2 years) – International Business Developer
  • Participation at more than 40 congresses and seminars of the Exhibition Industry
  • Doctor in Business Administration (University of Valencia, Spain). Doctoral thesis about Expo Marketing
  • In the past: Vice-president of UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) and member of its Board of Director, Vice-president of MTFA (Mediterranean Trade Fairs Association), member of the Board in AFE (Spanish Trade Fairs Association) and of EMECA (European Major Exhibition Centers Association), member of AFIDA (International Association of Trade Fairs of America) and IAEE (International Association of Exhibitions and Events).



Brief Description

Some basic concepts: the concept of exhibition, the main agents of this activity

“The economic impact of exhibitions” concerns to the effect of exhibitions in different activities related to this industry, directly, indirectly and in an induced way. Consequently, also on the cities where they take place.




Professor: ‏ Dr. Juan Puchalt (Spain)

Organizer: Mashad International Exhibition Co.

Place: Pardisan Hotel- Mashhad-Iran

Date: 31 August

Time: 9-18