General terms and conditions


General terms and conditions of the exhibition



  1. Full compliance with the current regulations, governed by exhibition including the use of ID cards, attendance at the opening hours of the exhibition, the time of delivery and dismantling of the pavilion and etc. are required.
  2. The placement of the pavilion to other, sharing or modification in field of activity are not permitted.
  3. The Exhibitor is merely authorized to use the rented space and the usual facilities of the pavilion. He is responsible for any possible damages. Any changes in the shape and structure of the pavilion or its accessories would be possible by obtaining the written permission of the exhibition management. (Determination and estimation of losses will be done by the exhibition).
  4. Movement of exhibition panels is prohibited.
  5. Writing on panels and using screws, nails or any other device that would damage the stands is forbidden.
  6. The exhibitor is allowed to use a maximum of 250 lux of light and 200 watts for each 12 square meter space. Use of surplus is subjected to obtaining a written permission from the technical office, its payment would be based on relevant tariff; otherwise, the booth electricity would be disconnected.
  7. The exhibitor is in charge of pavilion arrangements and interior decoration. If necessary, additional tools should be provided by himself.
  8. All exhibitors are required to take steps to insure the goods and agents in their booth before opening. Obviously, the organizer will not be liable in this regard.
  9. The exhibitors are required to cooperate with the exhibition inspectors. In case of violation of the criteria, after a written notice period, the booth will be closed. Obviously in such cases the funds will not be refunded.
  10. The exhibitor is obliged to make the exhibit open from the opening to the end of the closing ceremony. After the expiry of the exhibition, they have to transfer their items out of the exhibition and set the exhibit in the first step. This has to be done after the settlement of the account and obtaining a written permission. Obviously, in case of non-discharging within the deadline, 10% of the cost of the booth will be paid for goods transferring for each day of delay, and the exhibition will also not be held liable for the maintenance of the goods.
  11. The exhibitor isn’t allowed to install curtains, posters and other advertisement outside the exhibit, except by paying for it and getting the necessary written permission from the public relations section of the exhibition.
  12. Performing advertisements (photographs, posters and professional filming, audio advertising, etc.) would be done according to the rules and only through advertising companies, the exhibition contractor will be introduced to the exhibitor.
  13. The exhibition halls will be sealed after arrangement is completed and before it is opened for public visit on the next day. The presence of exhibitor is mandatory in case it is being unsealed. If the exhibitor is unattended during unsealing or the opening hours to public, the exhibition won’t be responsible in case of any missing items from the exhibit.